Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri Gas Regular Boiler Deal


Regular To Regular Boiler- Replacement On Same Location Deal,

Fixed Price Installation With Horizontal Flue (Through Wall)

7 Year Worcester Bosch Warranty
Offer Reference No:- QTN-W-2523-LS0


18Ri Regular Installation Offer Includes

✔ Worcester Bosch 18Ri Boiler
✔ Gas Safe Boiler installation
✔ Worcester Horizontal Flue Fitting Kit
✔ Heating System Chemical Flushing
✔ Heating System Scale Inhibition
✔ Removal Of Your Old Boiler
✔ Appliances Commissioning
✔ Electrical Earth Safety Test
✔ Gas Meter Safety Check
✔ Gas Safe Certificate
✔ Building Regulation Certificate


We insure that we provide an instant quotation to all our customers and best value for their money in Birmingham. Our dedicated online heating experts team is always ready to assist you or answer your heating related questions.No sales person, no hard selling, no extra charges, no surprises on installation, fixed prices with outstanding value. Get a fair price for a Worcester Bosch boiler and make your home warm for your loved ones.


Why Worcester is the best brand to buy?


There are so many boiler brands to choose from and it is a tough decision between cost, quality and reliability. Domestic & General Heating have two decades of experience in the heating industry, installing and working with boilers. We have listed a few reasons why Worcester Bosch boilers.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar are award winning boilers– they’ve claimed a Which? Best Buy rosette 8 years running. These A- rated boilers can be installed in wide range of locations Worcester Bosch boilers produce highest outputs of heating and hot water comfort. Worcester Bosch Greenstar range has set heating industry bench mark for high efficiency and reducing energy bills.


Registration No: 226879



Greenstar Ri (9kW to 24kW)

Our Greenstar Ri boiler is a compact, wall mounted boiler that is perfect for small and medium sized homes. It is also perfect for replacing a boiler in an existing system.

Small enough to be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard, the boiler can be used with our range of high efficiency Greenstore cylinders for a complete Worcester system solution for your home.


18Ri Series Regular Boiler Overview

✔ Fits in a standard kitchen cupboard
✔ Suitable for hot water storage cylinder
✔ Simple to use boiler control knob
✔ Zero risk of condensate pipe freezing
✔ Wide choice of controls enables for comfort
✔ High Efficiency standby mode reduces bills
✔ Solar panels compatible for cost saving
✔ Achieves an A+ ErP package efficiency
✔ Lowest levels of NOx emissions
✔ Lowest levels of CO2 emissions
✔ Multi directional flue possibility

*Worcester Bosch Greenstar Gas Combi Boiler Conversion Offers Available
*Worcester Bosch Greenstar Gas Combi Boiler Relocation Offers Available


Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri Gas Regular Boiler Deal


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